Camden Aquarium- Where Fun And Adventure Begins

If you are one of those people who love an aquatic adventure where fish, seawater, and lots of fun comes to mind every time you think of doing something when not at home or at work, then maybe a Camden aquarium adventure might be just the thing for you. talk to random people The Camden aquarium is an entertainment tourist attraction located in New Jersey (the Camden County in particular).

The Camden aquarium treat offers newcomers and first time visitors in the county a glimpse of the sea and what it has offer via its attractions. The Camden Aquarium boasts of over eight thousand plus marine animals in its facilities that is open for viewing for kids and adults alike. It has over two hundred thousand square feet of floor space for the public and it sure can accommodate lots of visitors be it summer time or in winter.

Its attractions are housed in marine habitats that include freshwater and semi aquatic creatures that are always fun and interesting to watch. The Camden Aquarium is visited by thousands of visitors, every day since its opening in 1992 when it was still known as the New Jersey State Aquarium. It was re-opened under its new name the Adventure Aquarium in 2005.

The city waterfront in Camden is the countys main attraction and probably one of its biggest sources of income for New Jersey. It not only houses the Camden Adventure Aquarium but the waterfront also boasts of the USS New Jersey (a historic ship that was turned into a fantastic museum), Campbells Field (home of Camdens baseball team the Riversharks), and the Bank Center of Susquehanna (a large amphitheatre that can seat over twenty five thousand people).

The Camden Aquarium has received lots of reviews, most them bad, during its initial opening in 1992 and suffered a whole lot of criticism because of its drab appearance and its not-so accommodating themes, be it for the fish or for its visitors. Harsh criticisms prompted management to secure for new partners to improve its facilities and in 2005 when it officially became known as the Adventure Aquarium, visitors came to marvel on its marvelous make over.

The Camden aquarium has the South Building which houses weird and lots of unusual creatures for the adventurous. Housed in different small tanks and a giant tank (called simply the Ocean Tank), these specimens provide visitors a glimpse of Atlantic sea creatures. There is also a tropical waterfall with green foliage that has provided additional excitement to the nature lover-the Irazu River Falls-which also provides shelter to animals in the facility. The South Building also houses a 4D-ride capable theatre (aptly called the Adventure Theatre because of its perfectly choreographed effects during ride film showings). You could actually feel the wind and water spraying into you in the Adventure theatre which forms part of the many thrilling features of the Camden Aquarium.

The North Building is the expansion part for the new Camden aquarium built to house a restaurant, a gift shop, and an atrium. The Camden aquarium is quite capable in hosting over a million visitors on the same day and plays host to not only sea creatures but to land animals as well. Whether you just want to see how a sharks teeth looks like or how a porpoise (or a turtle maybe?) swims, you can have both in the Camden Aquarium.

The Camden Aquarium or the Adventure Aquarium (if you wish to go by its official name) opens at nine thirty in the morning and closes at five in the afternoon. That is daily including Saturdays and Sundays. You might want to avoid the throngs of people in the morning and avoid those long lines on ticket booths by purchasing tickets online- or you could simply afternoon go visit Camden Aquarium.